How do you pack liquids for moving

What to Know About Food and Liquids When Moving?

When moving, packing is an important part of it. It is easier to pack some items but difficult for others. Food and liquids play an important part in our daily routine of life and you need to pay more attention to them while packing. If you do not want to waste or get damage, here are some tips that you will love to know about Packing of food and liquids.

Sort and select

First, you need to do is to sort the food and liquids. Choose the items carefully you want to move with and separate the items you don’t want to transport. This will help you to pack the important items because the rest of them will be left behind and you will no longer need them. Be very selective, go through each drawer and cabinet. Make a list of those things you don’t want with you. I suggest you not to waste any of your food or other things. Before moving day, give them in charity to shelters, friends or any food bank.

Before the packing of food and liquids, collect all the packing material you need. You will need labels, wraps, plastic bags, moving boxes and taps. For free moving boxes, you can go to some grocery shops or to those people, near you, who have recently moved and ask them for free cardboard boxes. Labels are very essential because they will help you in differentiating of kitchen, drawing, living room, bathroom, and other items when loading and unloading. Put all the boxes with the sign “this side up”.

Dry and Canned Goods

Powdered items can easily spoil and it’s very difficult to gather and clean after. Seal all the powdered and dried foods with tape for cereals, rice, and macaroni. Make small containers for the herbs, spices, flavorings, bouillon, gelatin, condiments, flavorings, cubs and other such items. Pack all these items into a small box and, pack in a large carton. If any of the containers has hole or holes, seal it properly with the help of tape. Try to carry less canned goods because they are heavy in weight and can disturb you. They are generally not expensive and you can buy them after you move. For your ease, replace their space with other goods.

Frozen Food

Many frozen goods face transportation restrictions, always be sure to ask your movers and packers Dubai company, before the moving day, which food is non-allowable and needs special handling. Some of the moving companies allow you to transport frozen food if you are moving locally. Transporting of frozen food is not a good idea, especially when these refrigerated goods are in unplugged appliances, even moving locally.

How do you pack liquids for moving?

Someone can face issues during the packing of food and liquids. Always be attentive that loosely packed liquids can make a real litter and can harmful for all your other possessions. Be wise, pack your liquids only with the appropriate supplies, this will save your money and time.

With Liquids, Less is More

Before the moving day use your liquids as many as you can. Dispose of safely all the expired bottles of liquids or near to expiry date. You should donate them to other people. You can give not opened products, perfumes or other personal care products. There are many items that you can easily replace it. Buying new products is less expensive than to pay for moving and transporting them with you. Also, it is risky to transport them as there is a chance to spill and ruining other items. All of the cheap movers in Dubai will tell you that, transporting liquids and canned foods can cause increased weight and consequently, increasing the prices too.


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